Saturday, 13 October 2012

#89: Playing Catch-up

I got my wisdom teeth out recently, so I'm off the drink (and most other things) for a while. Luckily, I've plenty of notes to catch up on. Of those, there's a group of bottled Oktoberfest beers on the way, and after that I'll be reporting on the Franciscan Well's October Beer Festival. Exciting stuff, but for now I'm afraid it's just some beery revision.

London Black Cab Stout is my first of the style from Fuller's, and one I've been looking to try for ages. It pours pitch black with a nice off-white creamy head, with very little light showing through. The aroma gives off plenty of smoke at first, before the heaps of dark roasted malt, subtle milk chocolate and pinch of salt (I know). The taste is pretty standard, with roasted malt, lingering smoke and a moderate bitterness dominating at first. in the latter stages of the taste, milk chocolate leads into a nice malty finish, a trait which becomes more noticeable as the beer warms up. Nothing incredibly special here, but a nice, easy-going stout. For the price, however, I reckon you'd do better with a Black Rock Stout.

The second beer in my catch-up is my second from Whitewater Brewing, and it's Belfast Lager. Initially, not one that had me very excited but I was pleasantly surprised. It pours a pale shade of gold with a small white head, and looks pretty much like any standard lager. Sweet lagery grainy stuff is on the aroma, as expected, although it is accompanied by a noticeable hop profile that ventures into slightly metallic territory. This isn't the case on the taste however, as the fruity hoppy bitter smack is backed up by the sweet, clean and refreshing lager characteristic. It's kind of difficult to describe this one, because for me it's just so middle of the road. Well balanced, but not at all captivating, an acceptable beer. 

I'm not sure when I'll be able to drink beer again, but it shouldn't be too long. Until then, you'll have to take my word that when I'm back I'll be busier than ever.

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