Thursday, 28 February 2013

#126: Anchor Porter

After trying and being very impressed by Anchor's Steam Beer and Liberty Ale, it was recommended that I try their porter. Bradley's recently restocked the range, so I thought I'd indulge.

Anchor Porter pours black as you'd like with a small cap of while foam. The aroma brings forth lots of roasted character with hints of chocolate and spritely, dark fruit fizziness. The taste emphasizes those chocolate notes on the opening with bitter coffee and light fruit highlight following up, before a gorgeous finish of marzipan and liquorice. It's lovely and smooth throughout, caressing the mouth like a malty caramel, while there's plenty of hop presence to keep things nicely balanced.
It's full bodied and richly textured, producing a complexity of flavours I have to admit I wasn't quite expecting. Anchor have yet to let me down.

A beautiful porter, one that I'll certainly be trying again.
Just as it was recommended to me, I recommend it to you.

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