Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#146: Tripel Ace

With the final week of college just underway, many hours are being spent at the desk in the final flurry of work before summer. To aid the process and nurse the work into fruition, I have a small selection of Belgians, on top of a much appreciated six-pack of Howling Gale Ale in the fridge.

One of those Belgians is this year's Duvel Tripel Hop, where Sorachi Ace is the star of the show. It's my first time trying the beer and the hop, so I was surprised by the power of the herbal aroma. It's got bucketloads of lemongrass and clove with the soft sweetness of plain ol' Duvel discernible underneath. The opening flavour is the malty, grainy sweetness you might recognise, before it turns to citrus and spice notes in the finish. Grassy, dry, and not a single trace of the 9.5% alcohol, this is not like any beer I've ever tried. Hopefully I can get my hands on another bottle of this.

You should try too.

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