Monday 17 June 2013

#157: Kinsale Pale Ale

The second Cork pale ale in quick succession comes to us from the Kinsale Brewery in, you guessed it, Kinsale. 

Kinsale Pale Ale pours darker than the recent Green Bullet from Mountain Man, and supports a bigger head. Also unlike the Green Bullet, there's a strong burst of honey and pine needle that instantly brings Citra to mind. The label confirms this, and also links the tropical and citrus fruit notes to the presence of Cascade. The mouth waters. On tasting, much of the same fruity pine and peel notes are revived to great effect, before it tails off into a grainy, biscuity finish that has much less sticky sweetness to it than the aroma suggested. 

A great pale ale, and a hearty sessioner at 5% ABV. I'm looking forward to trying this in it's inevitable draft form, and of course, seeing what else Kinsale has in store for us.

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