Thursday, 1 August 2013

#164: Danger Dog

I uncharacteristically decided to shell out some cash for Flying Dog's Snake Dog IPA last time around, and while it wasn't exactly amazing, it did pique my interest. Aside from the eye-catching labels, it has to be said that Flying Dog is one of the more exciting U.S. breweries I can get my hands on regularly.

And so it was with this optimism that I purchased a bottle of Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout. From the bottle it pours a very thick black and builds a short-lived dark brown head. The aroma is strong and intense, with boozy, sweet coffee and chocolate to the fore, followed up by vanilla, liquorice and even a lovely, nutty, Battenberg cake marzipan. On the palate, the thick oily texture of the beer helps to spread the big roasty coffee notes around, and after a soft and sweet malt biscuit middle, there's a long-lasting impression of toffee syrup and fresh, ground coffee lingering well after the swallow. 

Kujo is incredibly tasty and the luxurious mouthfeel forces you to take your time to savour it. At over €4 a bottle, you can't say it's cheap, but when it takes you the best part of a very satisfying hour to finish, you could argue that it still represents good value for money.

Quality over quantity, isn't that the idea?

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