Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#182: T'isn't the Saison

I had one of those odd occasions recently where I opted to buy a Brewdog beer on a whim - this almost never happens, but it seemed like a good idea to pair it with a beer already in the cupboard.

That beer was De Molen's Zus & Zo, a saison. I know, maybe a rainy Irish Autumn afternoon isn't the ideal time for such a thirst-quenching style, but who cares. It pours a pale, hazy gold and the aroma is instantly farmy. Wet grain, slightly sour and a touch citrusy, it smells pretty enticing. The palate says ditto. Thick and coarsely wheaty throughout, with a spike of sourness at the beginning that fades to the end. There's a very light bitterness and an underlying layer of sweeter caramel base malt. Even without a massive thirst on, this is very refreshing and tasty stuff.
For comparison I picked up Brewdog's Electric India, a hopped-up saison. Apart from pouring a shade or two darker, the experience is pretty similar to the De Molen at first, even lacking a great hop punch as expecteed from something that calls itself 'hoppy'. Still though, it's delicious. A sweet and sugary backbone forms the base, with a tang of sourness akin to the Zus & Zo, but the real life comes from the coriander and waxy orange peel. It's lively and flavoursome but still incredibly drinkable.

Two lovely beers showcasing different aspects of the same style. Who wins?

Me. That's who.

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