Monday, 2 December 2013

#194: What's in a Name?

It was pure accident that these two ended up together, with the only real links being their American-ness and their... *giggles*... rude names.

Still, if that's good enough in the politically and culturally undefined virtual nation-state occupied by the Destrier, then it's good enough for me.

First up is Founders Dirty Bastard, which I actually had back when Founders made their first appearance in the country and they were very much the talk of the town. The Irish beer nerd spotlight (if such a thing exists) has since shifted to Galway Bay and their Of Foam and Fury DIPA, with excited and digitised whispers of its glory reaching far and wide. Stay tuned for that...

Back to Founders, and this is only my second Scotch ale, the first of which being... *snigger* Scotch Silly. Dirty Bastard, Scotch Silly, they really get a hard time don't they. Like the Scotch Silly, this one pours a beautiful mahogany colour with a lovely off-white head. The powerful aroma of thick chewy toffee, dark fruits and dark chocolate begs you to tuck in. On the palate there's more delicious toffee, maple syrup, raisins and slightly smoky malts. It really is just a wonderful exhibition of dark ale flavour characteristics with chocolate and fruity rolling tobacco becoming prominent over time. Great stuff, and a perfect winter warmer.

As I write this, I find myself wondering why I haven't bought a couple of bottles for Christmas. I highly recommend it.

A few weeks later I was back in the territory of big Americans, this time via Belgium with Flying Dog's Raging Bitch. Flying Dog have a number of very good offerings on our shelves at the moment, so the purchase of this Belgian-style IPA didn't carry much of a risk with it. It pours a hazy amber and produces an aroma of pithy, sugary, raisiny red berry skins. What? There's plenty of bright fruity hoppiness with peach and apricot taking care of things on that end, with butterscotch and candied pineapple covering the sweeter side. The palate emphasises the bittersweet nature of the beer with pithy orange and grapefruit up front and banana and toffee at the back. Along the way there's some spritely spiciness, with the overall effect being a complex but drinkable (and delicious) beer. Another recommendation, despite this not being the freshest of bottles.

I seem to be always catching up with my notebook, but I reckon I'll be up to date after the next two or three posts. From there, it's straight into the 'special' stash. I can't bloody wait.

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