Tuesday, 25 February 2014

#213: JJJ IPA

I'm finally having a Moor beer. I don't know why it's taken me this long, but I know whenever it appears in Bradley's is doesn't seem to stay around for very long.

The label describes a beer that occupies the intersection of a DIPA and barleywine Venn diagram. That sounds more or less perfect to me.

JJJ IPA doesn't look perfect though, with the cloudy orange body supporting a weak soapy head that doesn't last a very long time. Things are put right from the moment of the first sniff though, with shitloads of intense grapefruit and sticky marmalade making up the bulk of the first hit. Candied lemon peel and a tropical tutti frutti suggest a sweet underbelly, with even a bit of strawberry in attendance. The palate gets the same complexity but leans more toward the sweet; here, the fruit has been softened out and matches the rounder caramel malt backbone, with highlights of citrus zest and peel cropping up here and there. As suggested by the lack of head, the carbonation falls a little flat, which doesn't do a big beer like this any favours. Thankfully, the brightness of the hops prevents the beer from becoming a hot and soupy number, and the experience remains overwhelmingly positive.

Even after 660ml of the stuff, it all ends too soon.

I need more Moor. We all need more Moor. 


  1. I agree all around with your JJJ experience. Moor is a great company with some outstanding brews- if you haven't already, dig into Old Freddy Walker!


    1. I haven't had that but I'll keep an eye out. Unfortunately we don't get much Moor, and when we do it sells out quick! I can tell already they are the bomb though.