Friday, 21 March 2014

#217: A Late Early Summer Weisse

I would say I've been too busy to post, and that wouldn't be a complete lie, honest, but really it's because I'm incredibly lazy and besides, there just hasn't been much to report of late. And so I flick a few pages back to find this last unreported beer in the notebook, Schneider's Tap X 2013 - Meine Sommer Weisse. Of course, this being 2014 the beer is a good few months past its ideal drinking time (you know, the summer) but still just within its BBE date.

Unlike the Tap 7, this hefe pours a very pale, hazy yellow with white soapy bubbles constituting a somewhat weak and withered appearance. Plenty of brawn in the aroma though, with lemony, herbal and floral notes in place of the banana and clove weightiness of the Tap 7. At times it leans into sharp farmyardy stuff, a thread continued on the palate with ever so slightly tart citrus fruits backing up a lemon sherbert opening. The finish is sweet and leaves a lasting impression of overripe fruit and biscuity malt on the tongue.

It's tasty stuff, as with everything Schneider make. Keep your eyes peeled for this year's Tap X, Meine Porter Weisse, which will surely be an interesting one.

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