Thursday, 26 July 2012

#61: Westmalle Tripel

This one wasn't rushed, but it's notes were. In fact, the beer itself was savoured and enjoyed with the minimum amount of writing I could tolerate when trying a new beer. What I'm left with is a picture of the beer that's not quite broken, but blurred in my memory. I will be trying it again, along with the Dubbel.

Westmalle Tripel pours like any self-respecting tripel would like to - pale golden, crystal clear, foamy white head with good retention and good carbonation. On the nose it's grainy in a lovely farmhouse kind of way, with caramel malt mixed in, rather like the Karmeliet. Underneath you can detect a nice spiciness and a hint of the boozy element. It's lovely, but in what must be a first for me, I'd actually like to chill this for 20 minutes next time to take the boozy/hot edge off the aroma. The taste is delicious, with caramel, yeast, pepper and a wonderful vanilla finish all popping up. 

This is a great beer, and I enjoyed sitting back and sipping it more than I enjoy being hunched over the desk with the very unimpressive Marston's Pedigree. More on that to come.

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