Friday, 25 July 2014

#232: Some New Kind of Kick

I don't think I've ever had a German beer that wasn't a lager or a wheat beer, which, when considering the vast variety of styles and flavours achieved within those two base types, is testament to the brewing prowess of the people.
As such, it's very exciting to pick up a beer from Munich that is not only neither a lager or wheat beer, but a craft beer in a style very much adopted as craft; an imperial stout.

Crew Republic's Roundhouse Kick is that beer, and it pours opaque black with a thick cream head. the aroma is a gorgeous blend of blackberries, bitter burnt coffee beans, sweet toffee, honeycomb and a bit of booze. Unsurprisingly it sticks to inside of the mouth like nothing else, plastering the walls with dark roast coffee, malty biscuit, black and forest fruits and berries and at the death, some spirity heat. 

A good imperial stout that manages to have enough going on to please a discerning stout fan while remaining quite accessible, which, by consequence, prevents it from reaching the lofty heights of imperial stout godliness.

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