Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beer Review #11: Svyturys Baltas

This is a Bavarian-style wheat beer from Lithuania's Svyturys. I was surprised they even brewed this type of beer, but then again a Hefeweizen really is the go-to brew for a brewer desperately trying to broaden their range. Anyway, it was cheap, and I love wheat beer, so I picked one up. Savage bottle too.

Hefeweizen at 5.2% ABV

L: Pours a hazy pale yellow into the weizen glass. Much lighter in colour than I'd expect - and probably hope for - in a Hefeweizen. Very carbonated, with a big three-finger soapy head. Leaves decent lacing. Not bad, not amazing. 7/10

S: It's got more hops in the aroma than I was expecting. It's got a nice refreshing grassy, floral scent. Citrus fruits are there too, along with hints of both banana and bubblegum. It's a nice smell, but it's not very potent. Everything is only half represented. 7/10

T: On the front you've got fruit and clove on the tonge. Citrus and banana follow it up, and there's a definite bubblegum finish. The aftertaste is actually slightly malty, with a bready/nutty quality. Good. 8/10

M: Medium fizz, light body and very drinkable. Actually, too drinkable. You could easily down a few of these in a sitting, which some might consider a good thing, but the reason you can do that is because it feels like half beer, half water. The flavours just aren't strong enough. 6/10

The verdict: It's refreshing, it's drinkable, it's a solid weizen. It just won't inspire you to buy more once your supply has gone. 6/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 68/100

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