Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beer Review #18: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Another ale from Sierra Nevada, and I'm starting to love these guys. Ever since I was drawn in by both the fantastic packaging and the hefty reputation, it's been a success. This release is their Extra India Pale Ale, and it really is just Extra. In every aspect it's quite like the Pale Ale, except it has more, for better or for worse. The smells are stronger, the tastes are stronger and the alcohol is stronger. Let's dig in then, I'm going to put this in the Duvel tulip.

India Pale Ale at 7.2% ABV

L: Pours a nice clear amber with a two finger bubbly head with good retention. Carbonation is fairly slow. Looks good, nothing special. 7/10

S: Fruity and citrusy, with citrus peel being one of the stronger notes. Pine is as potent as you'd expect (very), and the general summery floral quality given by the hops is there too, and is much like the Pale Ale. Like I said though, it just smells stronger here. 8/10

T: Pine and citrus fruits dominate, with peel coming into the picture too. There's a measure of hoppy bitterness to the beer that, while the fruit and floral character lingers into the aftertaste. Actually, the taste here is a bit one-dimensional and doesn't really match up to the complexity of the smell. 7/10

M: Medium to full bodied, not too fizzy, quite drinkable and overall enjoyable. Good. 8/10

The verdict: This beer is stronger than the Pale Ale in most arenas but I'm not quite sure if it's better or not. I think I'd just pick up a Pale Ale if I had the choice. Regardless, it's still a really tasty beer, and another solid Sierra Nevada. 8/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 76/100

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