Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beer Review #13: Theakston Old Peculier

The Legend. Apparently. Then again, I'd call my beer 'The Legend' if I was a brewer. Or maybe 'The Saviour'. In fairness though, this one actually has a bit of a legendary reputation. It's brewed by T & R Theakston in Yorkshire, England, and it's one of the handful of ales sold by Tesco in Ireland (or at least in Cork), so it was easy to get a hold of. Should be good.

Old Ale at 5.7% ABV

L: Pours a dark red tinted brown. It's got a thin one finger head than dissipates to a film. Leaves a decent amount of lacing too. Looks nice. 7/10

S: This is good - chocolate and toffee malt, some toasted bread smells, hints of dark fruits. Smells nice and deep, and overall pretty malty. 8/10

T: Toffee and dark fruits on the tongue, slightly hoppy, but really malty, very bread-like finish. Sweet tasting in the middle. 8/10

M: Slightly fizzy, medium to full bodied. Carries the flavours comfortably. Very smooth and drinkable. 8/10

The verdict: Good ale. Very good ale, actually. It's a tad expensive though, when you consider the cheaper, and perhaps better, options for ales out there. I like this though, and I'd like to try it again, maybe on tap. 8/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 78/100

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