Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beer Review #8: Shepherd Neame Spitfire

This is another I picked up as part of a 4 for €10 offer in Abbot's Ale House. It has a good reputation, and I'm expecting a pretty good ale! It'll have to be good to beat Hobgobin... Anyway, this brewery is based in Kent, in England, and also carries a good reputation. I know it's held in high regard by realaleguide on YouTube. Let's dig in then...

English Pale Ale at 4.5% ABV

L: Pours a ruby-tinted amber, very clear, with moderate carbonation. Produced a one finger off-white head that left decent lacing. 7/10

S: Malty, grassy or floral hoppy notes, fruit, and toffee and caramel. Unfortunately, I got a rather potent metallic tinge to the aroma too, which took a lot from the smell. I don't think this was a bad bottle or skunked beer though (despite the clear bottle). 6/10

T: Fruits and toffee here in force too, with a bit of hoppy bitterness, and a definite metallic twang at the finish and aftertaste. It even lingers in the burp. 5/10

M: Light-bodied and quite thin. Not too much carbonation, but it's smooth and still has good drinkability. 6/10

The verdict: I'm really surprised and disappointed by this beer, and I am now beginning to suspect light-strike. Either way, I expected better, especially after trying Bishop's Finger. If you're curious, check out the review by realaleguide at For me, 6/10.

The Drunken Destrier score: 60/100

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