Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beer Review #7: Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin

Ah, Hobgoblin. This is a bloody good'un. The most popular beer from the Wychwood Brewery in Oxfordshire, England, and the Unofficial Beer of Halloween, they'll have you know. Class marketing aside, this is a great beer, and I've been looking forward to reviewing it. I'll have this in my Guinness pint glass.

Ruby Ale at 5.2% ABV

Halloween, anyone?
L: Pours a brilliant ruby red that glows in the light. It's extremely clear. Fair amount of carbonation. An off-white two and a half finger head leaves good lacing. Looks gorgeous. 10/10

S: Great toffee, chocolate aromas here, dark fruits too. Really malty, with sweetness too. It's complex and damned inviting. 9/10

T: Toffee and dark fruit just as in the smell. Slightly sweet on the tongue, with a lightly bitter finish. There's a lingering fruit note in the aftertaste. I think this is more complex than I'm making it out to be, but bear with me. The toffee and caramel malt is there for sure, and the dark fruits too. I think I'm getting the hops too. Very very tasty! 9/10

M: This has got a fuller body than I would have expected to be honest, which I love. Good carbonation too, so it's quite lively on the tongue. It's smooth though, and goes down easy. Hits the spot. 9/10

The verdict: Looks amazing, smells awesome, tastes delicious, drinks great. I don't know what else you'd want. 9/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 92/100

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