Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beer Review #5: La Trappe Bockbier

This is a strange one. It's brewed by one of the seven official Trappist breweries, Brouwerij De Koningshoeven in the Netherlands. As far as I know, it's the only Trappist beer that isn't an ale. This one's a bock, as you can tell, and it comes in at 7.0% ABV, so a tad stronger than your average. I bought this because I love Trappist ales and naturally, this got me very curious. Drank this one chilled in my Duvel tulip.

Bockbier at 7.0% ABV.

L: Pours a dark, ruby-tinted brown colour. 3-4 finger soapy head with good retention and clingy lacing. Not much carbonation no show in the glass. Looks really enticing. 8/10

S: Dark fruits on the nose, nice malty character to the beer, but balanced with a tough of hops. Spice notes and a biscuity smell there too. Slight hint of alcohol, or some metallic bite, but I think that's the cold. I don't think I'd have this so cold in future. Smells great otherwise though, really deep. 7/10

T: Malty, biscuity flavours on the tongue at the front, lovely caramel follow-through and a slightly bitter finish. It's also got moments of sweetness throughout with dark fruits in there too. Nice. 7/10

M: Lightly carbonated this one, light/medium bodied, slightly watery. Drinkability is good for 7.0% ABV. 6/10

The verdict: I wish I didn't chill this too much, I think it would have been better room temperature, or else just chilled for an hour or so. It was good, above average, but not going to blow anyone's socks off. 6/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 68/100

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