Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sierra Nevada Seasonals

These are two seasonal beers by Sierra Nevada that I picked up recently. Tumbler is their Autumn Ale, as labelled, and promises a much maltier experience than the other Sierra Nevada offerings. I'm pretty excited for that one, because as much as I love everything Sierra Nevada has done so far, I do prefer a maltier beer, and that's something that there wasn't a lot of in the Pale Ale or the Torpedo. I thought I was a bit lucky to get the it, seeing as it's now April, a good few months after it was debuted, but on the other hand that means I've not got the freshest bottle. No harm done, I'll drink that one up soon.
Ruthless Rye is the brewery's Springtime seasonal, and it's an IPA brewed with rye to give it a supposed spicy, peppery taste. It sounds good, and I don't think I've ever had a beer where rye features prominently so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. The shop also had Summerfest, the summer seasonal. As far as I know that's a lager, and I'll be trying that one too. I just thought that seeing as these two are likely to be gone in a few weeks I should get them while I can. 

Dem labels...

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