Tuesday, 17 April 2012

On The Drunken Destrier...

On The Drunken Destrier.

This blog was started as a feeble effort by me, Killian from Cork, to share with anyone who will read my efforts to discover and share the best beer around, and promote it to the masses (or at least Cork people...).

I will be reviewing and talking about all sorts or beers, from new craft beers from down the road, to established favourites of the craft beer world, and everything in between.

I know there are a lot of beer blogs and beer reviews on YouTube already in existence, and I don't deny that I've been inspired to do this by other people, but one of the main reasons I've started my own blog is just to have a bit of craic. Beer is a hobby for me now, and I'd encourage anyone and everyone to join in and drink craft beer!

So please enjoy the read, have a good beer and join me in my search for the true nectar of the Gods.


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