Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beer Review #6: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

I've got to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of stouts or porters, but it's a style I want to explore. And with a name like Old Engine Oil and a picture of a cool vintage car on the front, was there any chance that I wouldn't buy it??

I mean, come on??

English Porter at 6% ABV

L: Pours a lovely pitch black. As the bottle promises, it was a nice thick viscous pour. A two finger tan head dissipates to a film, and there appears to be a little bit of carbonation. Looking good so far! 9/10

S: Chocolate and liquorice just jump out at me. Really rich and thick and deep smelling. There's also some nice malty notes, and hints of coffee. 8/10

T: On the tongue I got chocolate and dark fruit right away. It's nice and sweet, with a great finish of coffee and malt flavours. There is a certain hoppy bitterness to it as well, so it also lives up to the label's promise of being bitterweet. 9/10

M: BOOM, the mouthfeel is a perfect score. Really thick, full bodied for sure, slight fizziness on the tongue, goes down incredibly smooth. A joy. 10/10

The verdict: Beautifully complex, extremely tasty, and ridiculously smooth on the mouth, this is an amazing beer. Definitely recommend this, it exceeded my expectations x10. 9/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 90/100

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